Pole Dancing Grip Guide

Not sure what grip might suit you? Here at Fairy Pole Mother we’ve got you covered. We’ve put together a list of grips available and what situation they suit best, along with some tips on how to use.

Dry hands and Girlie Grip

These two are fairly interchangeable and are a great starting point if you’re not sure what might work for you. Dry Hands and Girlie Grip can be used on your hands, body and the pole itself. They work by drying out your hands and repelling water/moisture to keep them dry and grippy.

Apply to hands and spread evenly. Spread on the pole or body contact points for extra grip and allow to dry for 15 seconds.

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XDry is a non-sticky silicone-based gel works as an antiperspirant reducing sweat as well as increasing grip. 

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Holy Grip

Holy Grip Rapid Traction is a new formula with a kaolin clay base. It instantly absorbs any moisture, stays dry, blocks perspiration, provides just enough tack without getting sticky, and leaves you with no chalky residue!

Holy Grip Rapid Traction applies as a gel, and once it’s fully dry it feels like an invisible glove, repelling moisture and blocking sweat. It takes approx 30 seconds to set.

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Dew Point

Dew Point is best used on dry skin to create that bit of stick. This one is mainly used for body contact points rather than hands (but can be used on your hands if you don’t sweat and they’re very dry). 

Dew Point comes in a few different strengths for varying skin types. Spray on and allow to dry for 45 seconds.

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Mighty Grip

Mighty Grip is a heat activated powder and creates a long lasting friction grip. Apply a small amount on your hands after warming up and rub them together to activate. As you keep working out, the product remains and continually activates.

If you have sweaty palms, the sweat will break down the powder faster. Start by applying Tite Grip or Poletice as an antiperspirant first.

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Tite Grip

Tite Grip is commonly used alongside other grips. As an antiperspirant, it will stop your palms sweating and help your grip last longer. 

Tite Grip 1 is the strong formula, designed for hyper but can leave a residue on your hands if you use too much. 

Tite Grip 2 is the standard formula for sweaty palms.

Tite Grip is a liquid which is applied to hands 30-60 minutes prior to activity and allowed to dry.

Other grips can be applied on top of Tite Grip when you start activities. 

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Poletice is another antiperspirant commonly used alongside other grips. It will stop your palms sweating and help your grip last longer. 

Poletice is a powder based product. You apply a small amount onto damp hands and create a paste. Allow to dry for 4-8 minutes, then wash off and dry hands. 

Other grips can be applied on top of Poletice when you start activities. 

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iTac2 is a wax based grip, used on dry skin for a tacky grip. Mostly suitable for body contact points, as sweaty hands will mix with iTac2 and get slippery. Best applied with a cloth to avoid contact with hands, and is also available in a handy stick version. 

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    Seeking info re Stage portable pole ,as no where does it state the weight of the entire unit.I realise they’re out of stock at present .We were hoping to take a stage pole ,on our motor home travels in the future. Obviously weight needs to be taken into account. Can you advise of the total weight of the pole,base,& crash mats ??? Thanks 😊


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