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Sticky Grip Gloves for Pole Dancing


Our sticky gloves for pole dancing assist with gripping the pole.

Sizing is based on the circumference of your palm:
Small – 17.5cm
Medium – 18.3cm
Large – 20cm

Ships Worldwide
Gloves Size Chart

2 reviews for Sticky Grip Gloves for Pole Dancing

  1. Cerys (verified owner)

    If you have clammy/sweaty hands and dryhands and other products don’t work I HIGHLY recommend these gloves. Works like a charm

  2. Andrea Tonzano (verified owner)

    Thank you so much for delivering these so quickly to me! These gloves!!!! Honestly, I’m so happy I purchased these! Had my first class last week and was stressing at how much my hands would sweat and couldn’t grip the pole. I used some No Sweat grip, that helped, but for me wasn’t enough. I used these gloves today through the entire class, I was able to grip! Got an awesome workout! So happy with these!

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